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The CenturiaLabs Foundation was created to make the impact of the research laboratories of Centurialabs Research, a research and consulting center that has been operating in the field of information security for over 20 years, more fluid and authoritative.

CenturiaLabs Foundation Services

The CLF offers a range of courses ranging from essential cybersecurity training for individuals to training courses for technical personnel of Companies / Governments / Institutions up to advanced or specialized courses to increase one's skills and be ready for new market challenges.

To date, the CLF can boast the Centurialabs Research team with over 5,000 penetration tests performed over the years and countless Vulnerability Assessments. Many times the CLF has supported companies during the discovery of a databreach or attack in progress bringing an effective resolution of the problems and subsequently starting a path of security maturity. In recent years CLF has managed and solved about 5 international data breaches and the same companies now thanks to CLF have reached a satisfactory level of security and training.

The CLF has also worked successfully in the design of networks from a security point of view together with the partner Joycomm.eu.

An expensive security center without adequate skills is counterproductive, for this reason CLF not only forms and indicates the right design but also offers an IRT with proven experience capable of preventing and repelling the most modern attacks and often even 0-day, monitoring detailed systems and traffic is the key to preventing 90% of problems. The CLF has studied a system to be able to offer IRT even to small companies by becoming proactive on global security.

PT and VA services are one of the CLF's advantages, in fact our approach is different from many others that limit themselves to “bug hunting” from an engineering point of view.
Our audits start from the point of view of the "criminal" and this in 100% of cases allows us to discover vulnerabilities "escaped" to others. Over the past 5 years CLF has had to work on injured PT and VA with considerable success.
It is not only by discovering a code problem that a system or a portal is protected, those who attack you use their imagination and have a single purpose: to have access to your data.
Osint is carried out with a mix of standard, hacker and personal techniques that in counterfeiting cases have discovered over 40% of offenses compared to the methods and tools on the market.
Each of our penetration tests is based on renowned methodologies such as: ISO / NIST / OWASP and many others

The CLF is also active in the forensic field, has offered its services for many legal cases, post mortem in companies, industrial espionage, investigations and much more

CenturiaLabs Foundation social projects



The first Social Network against digital crimes! A place to support victims and prevent various digital crimes


Courses for Teenagers

Free training courses for teenagers with access to vocational training problems. Many teenagers cannot access specific courses for various problems, we train these kids for free to give them a career opportunity in cybersecuirity.

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